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Notes:  I play this tune with a capo on the second fret.  Maybe it's 
cheating; I dunno if Paul uses one or not, having never seen the song 
performed live.  But it makes the chords easier, and if you wanna sing it 
a little easier on your voice, you can just loose the capo.  Calling any 
attempt to tab the intro pure speculation would be a compliment, so it's 
just chords here.  

For the chorus, take a regular Am and drop your pinky finger up and down 
on the third fret of the high-e string where it's marked Am*.

All chord names refer to the shape - obviously with the capo, they're all 
actually a full-step higher.

      G      C       D      G      (D C)
Heart aches, On your wedding day
Double takes when they look my way
Knees quake, There aint a shotgun in the place
                G         C        D          G
You're like the frosting, you just bought the cake
G/F#           Em
You eyes can't fake
Still in love with nobody
                 C             G   (D C)
And I won't tell nobody

{And so on, until:}

F5                  D#5
Take a look on your wedding night
F5                             C#5    D#5
In your wedding book, see what name I sign

Chords used:

       G     C     D     Am    F5    D5
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