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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 21:33:57 GMT
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TORTURE (The Replacements)
intro: D  E  D  E

A million baby kisses 

from a kissing booth on wheels
this sign is pretty poison

on the envelope she seals
and your love is by the way

who knows exactly how she feels

      D       E
Who's torture    
                    D      E
without you, it's torture

what new

Your climb into your rocket ship 

and count from ten to one
there's no television coverage

for that loser on the run
you hide yourself in darkness

but we're heading for the sun

      D                     E
Who's torture (torture ooh)
                   D                    E
without you, yeah torture (torture ooh)
                   D                   E
what to do, it's torture (torture ooh)
                   D                   E
without you, it's torture (torture ooh)

  C#/A        C/Am        D      E
Tighter and tighter and tighter soon
             D  E  D  E
yeah torture

An anal night is rock'in 

with a party full of lies
and on the ten-four smok'in 

till the sun's about to rise
you're struggling through you too

can't you see it in my eyes

      D                     E
Who's torture (torture ooh)
                   D                    E
without you, yeah torture (torture ooh)
                   D                   E
what to do, it's torture (torture ooh)
                   D        E
without you,  it's torture 

who's torture

C#/A    x42220
C/Am    x32210     (it's a C6...i think)

Francois Rousseau
Laboratoire Incognito (Computer Languages)
Universite de Montreal, Canada
E-mail: rousseaf@iro.umontreal.ca

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