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I Was a Fool

     E           A               B7          E
It's been a long time since that walk in the rain
                 C#m               /Eb  A
It's been a long time since I felt this way
          C#m          Abm            C#m       F#7
It took a long time to get here and a long way around
  F#m7                 Abm              A            B7  
I still can't give the reasons though, they won't be found

        C#m Abm    B7                 E 
I was a foooool, I didn't know what I had
        C#m Abm    B7      E
I was a foooool to turn my back
        C#m Abm         C#m       F#7           
I was a foooool, let it rest with that
F#m7         Abm           A     B7
That's my defence, I was a fool

There isn't a cause in explainin' why
There isn't a word that can make it right
If trouble is sleepin' you just let it lie
You can't find it in you to take my reply


It doesn't make sense to recall the pain
Livin' with memories can get in the way
There's a lot that have passed and some that remain
Countin' the strokes it's easily maintained

Chorus (repeat and fade)

by: José Duarte
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