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Look At The Sun
Look at the sun
            Ab                   Eb
Look at the way it comes down shining  (repeat)
I'm just about to catch my breath
Eb                C# Ab        Eb
Been runnin' hard a-a-ll night long
Just another hour up for me
Eb                      C# Ab     Eb
Lord! By now you'd think I'd been home

Tossed to and fro, I tumbled like a domino
Then all at once I felt my senses come around
I laughed so hard I cried, I knew my old self had died
I listened close and finally heard a sweet sound
        C#                          Bb
With my back to the wall I couldn't stand it at all
         C#                      Bb            Eb 
Though I knew it was easy enough just to fall--no-ooo
C#          Bb
Torn inside what I wouldn't do
     C#                  Bb               Eb
With all that I know and all that is true yes

Eb                   Ab
Looks like the winds blowing again
       Eb                                          C#    Ab
And it looks like my ship's going sailin' again um-huh
        Eb            Ab
So I'll set my sights upon the course 
     Eb                                                 C#     Ab
And sing as long as I can or 'til my throat gets hoarse, hey-hey

Wind on the water as cold as glass
Feeling emotions I thought had passed
Closing the distance between the line
All of the meaning it's been defined.

by: José Duarte
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