• Song:

    Salute My Shorts

  • Artist:

    Rilo Kiley

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(Strumming Softly)

C             G
when we broke down

         Am          Em  
in that small mining town

      Am        Em
i was ready for quitting

Am           C
my guard was down

       C          G
it was summer all day

        Am           E
in your dad's chevrolet

E   Am       G       C
and so we decided to stay

    E  Am        G      Am
and we want spectacular views

G           C            Am
if we're to stay for the weekend

    E   Am
and you swear

         G         Am
there'll be no bad news

      C           G        E           C
if we stay, if we stay without looking back

             C             G
we'll take a small private room 

       Am     Em
with a window please

      Am           Em
if it opens that's fine

   Em         C
to let in the breeze

           C           G
we've been waiting all year 

        Am          E
for someone to just say

Am        C            E            C
everyone fucks up it's going to be ok

        E    Am
and the prop planes 

     G        Am
they fly overhead

        E    C          G
you can hear them returning

    E  Am      G         Am
and maybe it's all in my head 

         C             G          Em  C
but i'll save my complaints for tomorrow

    C            G          Am           Em
and when you got sick i was sad for some days

        C            Em
but i'm feeling much better

       Am       C
i just sleep it away

C             G
now it's just like 

Am       E
we never was 

E    C         G          C   
some things go bad just because

        E   Am
and the freeways 

     G           Am
they go coast to coast 

        E     C           G    C
they've taken away all my good friends

    E Am    G              Am
and i don't care if you're broke

    C          G      E    C
you can't stay here tomorrow

        E      Am   G         Am
and the dreams have come back again 

    G             C        E
but this time i'm not just watching them

    E  Am G     Am
its me as pilot instead 

    C          G         E    C
and i land the plane all by myself

       C          G      E   C
no you can't stay here tomorrow
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