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Artist - Rob Thomas
Track  - Not Just A Woman
Album  - Something More


 F     C1    G     C2    Am

Intro: F C1 G C2 x2

Verse 1

F            C1
She's just a woman

G          C2
Not just a woman

F          C1
She's terrified and

G        C2
She's unafraid

F                 C1
She'll change her mind with the

G             C2
Change of the seasons

F           C1
She's every reason

G           C2
You'll ever need


G                                C2              G
She'll never say what you should already know by now

                               C2                G
Sometimes you'll swear she can read your mind

Sometimes she'll seem as if she's broken down

         Am                              G
Yeah but everything gets perfect take a little working out and then
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