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This should be pretty good. The wording and playing are a little strange but if 
you listen to the song you will get it. Good Luck, Kdub~

Capo 2:

Intro: Am C Dm E

F       Am             C          G         

Look at me I'm made of wonderful, wonderful

Am        F               C             G

I'm all easy breath and steady walk, steady walking

Am            F           C              G

But underneath I'm barely moving, Its like I'm nothing

Am                 C             Dm                  E

All the ways they had to make me smile and then they go and break me


F                         Am

Wait, I think I feel like hell


Though I can't be myself


And I can't be nobody else but if I could

Would you love me then [x3]

Instr: Am C Dm E

F       Am               C            G

Look at me, I'm made of wonderful, it's terrible

Am       F             C             G

I'm all easy come and easy go, As far as you know

Am              F               C              G

But underneath, man, I'm just killing time, I guess I'm past my prime

Am               C        Dm               E
and now I'm overrated, overdressed, and overstated


F                     C        Am

If I put my hands up, put your hands up

If I fall down If I lose my place


And I don't know just where I'm supposed to go

If you'll be there when I wake


Would you love me then?


And I come home tired


And I come home late


Everybody wants me


So I give it away

             (C, Dm, E, Am) sequence for repeating lyric

I'm a wanted man [x4]

                   (C, Dm, E, Am) same as above

Would you love me then [x3] 

Outro: Am C  Dm  E
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