• Song:

    Not Of This Earth

  • Artist:

    Robbie Williams

  • Album:

    The Love Songs

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"Not of this Earth by Robbie Williams

The easiest way to play it is with a capo on the 4th fret
If you want to stay classic, you got it transcribed here:
E-Ab	A-C#	G-B	D-F#	C-E

Intro: E all the way through

E	Not of this Earth
Asus2	You?ve changed places with the Sun
A	I know that you?re the one
E	I love what we?ve become

E	Not of this earth
Asus2	I wear you like a shroud
A	I know I make you proud
E	You done your crying now

A E	She is not of this earth
A E	And I no longer need to search
G/D A	If I ever leave this World
Asus2 A	You will have a song to sing
Asus4 E	So you know what you were
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