• Song:

    Your Gay Friend

  • Artist:

    Robbie Williams

G - / Em / D 

G / Em / Am / C 

A woo-hoo! 

G                          Em   D 
Hey hey, here comes no-one 
G                 Em                  Am   C 
Another friend for you to have a go on 
G                     Em                     D 
And she asks me, do I miss her when she?s gone? 
G   Em           Am             C 
And I reply, ?As much as I miss anyone? 
Oh! A woo-hoo 
G     D              Em 
And I?ll be your gay friend 
         G/B      C     G 
Cos your marriage never ends 
        D                 Em 
Till we fuck and fight again 
          G/B     C        G 
There?s a space between us 
G  D            Em       
So jump into my bed 
         G/B      C             G 
We?ll pretend the world is dead 
     D           Em 
And always in my head 
     G/B     C       G 
Is a face between us  Hey Lord, forgive us we?re wrong 

I?ll make sure that he never hears this song 

And she says that I?m the opposite of a Hallmark card 

She asks me how I?m feeling, well, I don?t wanna think that hard 

Am       G         C 
It?s the late show now 
    D                  Em 
How does the late show end? 
         F#m           G 
Well, if god is in the details 
Thank god that you?re my friend 
G         C            D 
I have a friend again 
D          Em         F#m 
You are my friend again 
   G          D     Em    G/B  C 
My gay friend       Oh!         A woo-hoo! 

G / D / Em / G C / G / D / Em / G C / G/B C / G 

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