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B5                                    E5    
Standing   in the doorway, she was   crying
B5                                  E5  
Big   as live, She was waving me   good   bye

B5                            E5  
Fool   that I am , I saw it   coming
      B5                                     E5  
And   did   not have to guess, the reason   why

           B5                            E5  
She said   again   and again, I?ll be   going
      B5                               E5  
And   one   day you?ll gone be here   alone

      B5                             E5
And   right   now I?m starting to   believe   her
C#5               D#5               E5       G5
She   just aint   leavin?   she?s   gone

                G#5            B5
This aint the   first   time   I   been through this
    G#5                    B5
I   know   the price I?m   gonna   pay

          G#5                   B5                      
you see   I   got one ex-wife   already   
          C#5                 D#5                E5      G5
and it   looks   like I got   another   on the   way

            B5                     E5     
She could   always   tell I was   lying
      B5                       E5                    
And   god   knows that I be   lying   all the time

      B5                                            E5
And   sitting   here right now you know that I?m   dying
          C#5                D#5            E5      G5
cause I   could   not keep   myself   in   line

              G#5                      B5
And it?s to   late    I?m gonna need   her
          G#5                             B5
and the   nights   are getting cold and   long

        G#5                              B5
and I   never   will forget that front   door   slamming
                   C#5               D#5               E5        G5      B5
You know because   she   just aint   leavin?   she?s   gone

Pet hate people who do not finish the whole song
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