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Trascribbed by DWdrummer67.

Tuning: Standard, or capo to vocals as necessary.

A5                                    G5
The evening sun was sinkin' down, a chill north wind a-blows
     F5                                        E5
The new-plowed ground was coolin' fast, the river rolls and flows
            A5                                G5
Beneath the two-lane concrete river bridge between my place and town
         F5                                E5
On that hot-bed Farm to Market road they call 1291
           A5                                     G5
I'm sayin' son you'll see me searchin', sizzlin' down that broad highway
F5                                   E5
Dollar signs in both my eyes, I'm seekin' out my prey
              A5                             G5
I'm prayin' "Jesus, will you send me just another three or four?"
               F5                              E5
They pay two-fifty down in Halletsville, 3 dollars, maybe more
                A5                               G5
And more than likely they'll be out tonight a-wanderin' from the farms
F5                       E5
Waddlin' down 1291 to keep their bodies warm 
              A5                              G5
I'm talking walkin' belts and neckties, and boots for rodeo
            F5                                        E5
They don't run too fast, don't waste much gas, I'm makin' lots o'dough

       A5        C5    G5    D5        A5        C5    G5    D5
The armadillo....o....o....o?The armadillo....o....o....o 

       A5                            G5
The Armadillo never sees me, when I hit him with my brights
      F5                                       E5
His life don't flash before his eyes, he's blinded by my lights
         A5                             G5
And so I hit him with my bumper doin' sixty, sixty-five
                F5                                 E5
They take 'em frozen down in Halletsville, they don't take 'em alive

           A5     C5    G5    D5              A5     C5    G5    D5
The jackal cri....i....i...ied? The jackal cri....i....i...ied

            A5                                 G5
The jackal cried, look there's two of them a-walkin' down the line
    F5                                 E5
I can't believe my luck tonight this here makes twenty-nine
            A5                                G5
And so he rolled the first one runnin', the second was too fast
       F5                                   E5
His breaks and laughter squealin' as he stomped down on the gas
               A5                                 G5
Good-God, his car was sideways flyin', when the bridge wall met his door
      F5                             E5
The impact shook the river bed his foot went through the floor

        A5     C5     G5     D5           A5     C5     G5      D5
Forevermore....or....or...ore  Forevermore....or....or....ore

        A5                                 G5
Forevermore was his last moment from the bridge wall to the stream
            F5                                E5
From the speckled blood around his smile a-spewin' gasoline
               A5                         G5
And then he screamed his raspy epitaph, before he turned to flame
               F...                             E...
They pay two-fifty down in Halletsville.... I ain't the one to blame.....

           A5     C5    G5     D5              A5     C5    G5    D5
Ain't it a sha....a....a....ame  The jackal cri....i....i...ied
        A5     C5    G5    D5           A5      C5    G5    D5
The armadillo....o....o....o  The armadillo....o....o....o

(repeat until fade)
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