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G                                 C  G 
I worked the rigs from three 'til midnight 
G                     C 
On the Corpus Christi Bay 
C                          G 
I'd get off and drink 'til daylight 
G                 D 
Sleep the mornin' away 
D                       C G 
I had a plan to take my wages 
G                         C 
Leave the rigs behind for good 
C                      G            D 
But that life it is contagious 
D                        G 
And it gets down in your blood 

I lived in Corpus with my brother 

We were always on the run 

We were bad for one another 

But we were good at having fun 

We got stoned along the seawall 

We got drunk and rolled a car 

We knew the girls at every dancehall 

Had a tab at every bar 

G                           D               C 
If I could live my life all over 
C                  G 
It wouldn't matter anyway 
G                         C                D 
'Cause I never could stay sober 
D                     G 
On the Corpus Christi Bay 

My brother had a wife and family 
You know he gave 'em a good home 
But his wife thought we were crazy 
And one day we found her gone 
We threw here clothes into the car trunk 
Her photographs her rosary 
We went to the pier and got drunk 
And threw it all into the sea 
Now my brother lives in Houston 
He married for the second time 
He got a job with the union 
And it's keeping him in line 
He came to Corpus just this weekend 
It was good to see him here 
He said he finally gave up drinkin' 
Then he ordered me a beer 
Chorus (TWICE)
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