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Capo 1st fret 
G5  E5 

G5  E5 

G5  E5 

G5  E5 
G5          E5       G5      E5 
Seems like yesterday I was here 
G5          E5        G5            E5 
Dreamin' my life away and drinkin' beer 
C5                                       G5  E5 G5  E5 
Staying up till dawn strummin' on guitars 
C5                                            G5  E5 G5  E5 
Sleepin' all day long just like the big rock stars 
D5               C5                   G5  E5 G5  E5   
Barely livin' on money from tip jars 
I had a little place just up the block 

Had me a French girlfriend I loved the way she talked 

We spent our afternoons watchin' the TV 

Findin' things to do that we could do for free 

When we split up she said you don't do enough for me 
C5               D5                 G5  C5  D5  G5 
I am guilty of a dreadful selfish crime 
C5                  D5                   G5   E5  G5 E5 
I had robbed myself of all my precious time  
Had my first gig here in the neighborhood 
We had a little band I thought was good 
Hocked my old shotgun bought a used P.A. 
We got a quart of rum drank it all that day 
When the big gig come we were just to drunk to play 
Sometimes I can't believe those days are gone 
Most of my friends back then have moved along 
One's in Hollywood one's a millionaire 
Some are gone for good some still livin' here 
Me I'm just the same lost in a crowd 
Lookin' for the rain in a thunder cloud 
I have moved around but it don't matter though 
One thing I have found there are just two ways to go 
It all comes down to livin' fast or dyin' slow 
Seems like yesterday, just like yesterday
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