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   D                                      G
Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear were bangin' on the door
  D                                      A7 
I told 'em once, I told 'em twice, don't come around here no more
        D                              G
They've stolen all our chickens, they killed our neighbor's cat
     D                               A7
Last night I saw them talkin' to Big Weasel and his rat
     G       A7                    D                G
It's such a cozy neighborhood, we love our little town
D                                         A7             G
Lately things ain't been so good, there's somethin goin' down

It happened just a year ago, someone hired a band
They had a dog and pony show that got clean out of hand
There was fur and feathers flyin, the son of the old goat
Said 'coon boy pulled a shotgun from his worn-out overcoat
Bobcat killed miss peacock, coon boy shot the mare
While Mr. Wolf smoked opium and grinned at Mama Bear

Two dead ducks lay there beside Ms. Peacock on the floor
The fat goose grabbed the telephone and called the dogs of war
The kitties begged for mercy, the pigs began to squeal
Coon Boy took the kitty, jumped in his automobile
Bobcat and the wheel man, the famous wolverine
Shot out the light and in the night they faded from the scene

Chief Detective Rambouille did not work for free
And Sherriff Hog was called away unexpectedly
The sherriff's reelection, the murder of the mare
Might get Hog implicated with The Wolf and Mama Bear
So Rambouille took up the case and shut it down for good
He bought a house in southern France but lives in Hollywood


The bodies of the Bobcat and the famous wolverine
Were found inside a motel room outside of San Juaquin
The City Council voted the Insurance Board to pay
The victims of that heinous crime upon that dreadful day
And I watched from the shadows, where beneath the frosty moon
Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear feed on a dead raccoon
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