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Intro: D5 B5 G5 A5 , D5 B5 G5 A5 G5 D5

D5                      B5
The first of the month Brings back the notion
G5                                                 A5
Of a big round white dance hall and a cool summer night
D5                B5
Red cherry faces set black shoes in motion
G5                                   A5
To the oom pa pa rhythm of a German delight

B5                           A5
And I tried hard to tell you I was no kinda dancer
B5               G5
'Took my hand to prove I was wrong
D5                    B5
You guided me gently Though I thought I could never
G5               A5               G5          D5
We were dancing together at the end of the song

A taught little bald man
Like a German war hero
With buxom matrons to a quick John Paul Jones
Drapes of crepe paper
A ball made of mirror
Cast shiny reflections on a brass slide trombone


A man was still dancing
With his phantom partner
Though the band had quit playing
At the evening's end
And it made me feel lucky that I had a partner
to teach me the dance steps
And come back again

Chorus x2
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