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Capo 2

C             G    
One day after twenty five years
Am                     F
Head of service at the local Sears
      C                     G                F 
Helen Walker put her pencil down and walked away
    C                    G
And all they found was a little note
Am          F
adios was all she wrote
    C           G                 C  
But as she left someone heard her say

F                     C                 Am 
Gonna buy me a ticket to the end of the line
      F                D7                 G
Wanna feel the air and breathe the countryside
C                           G
Long as those wheels keep-a-rollin
Am           F           C     G     C 
I'll be satisfied, gonna ride, ride, ride.

Saturday night I was down at Joe's
He was moppin' up getting ready to close
He sat down and poured me one last brew
And he said to me with a sideways glance
If I ever get the chance
I'm gonna sell this joint and this is what I'll do


I suppose I could stay
In this little town till my dying day
But in my heart I know I gotta go
So I'm standing at the station waitin' for the train
Don't know when I'll be back again
Mr. Engineer won't you let your whistle blow
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