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INTRO: G - C - Am7 - G - G - C - Am - Am7 - C - Am7 - G

G       C           Am    D
Down on Main Street after sundown,
G         C            Am           D
Good time Charlie, and    Wanderin' Bill
G                  C        Am           D
Thought they might hold up, ol' Hoppy's Drive-In;
G       C        Am        D
One got away and one never will.


C              D      G           C
And that's the way it goes around here;
(around here)
G       D         Am7
I think everybody knows
(I guess everybody knows)
C          D                 G           C
That's the song they've been singin' for years
(and years)
G          D                 C
That's the way the wild wind blows
(wild wind blows)

G        C     Am       D
Too Tall Annie kept her money
G    C     Am        D
In a Bible she never read.
G          C      Am           D
They found Lefty, her first ex-husband
G          C                    Am                  D
In his new pick-up truck at the bottom of the river bed.


BRIDGE: G - C - Am7 - G - G - C - Am - Am7 - C - Am7 - G

G      C       Am             D
Luther Martin, he ain?t got nobody,
G            C          Am       D
But he sells papers and buys his wine.
G              C     Am              D
His great-granddaddy   owned half of Main Street;

G        C     Am            D
Luther?s daddy didn?t have a dime.


G        C      Am         D
Ain?t no secret    Old Doc Skinner
G         C          Am           D
Wrote prescriptions; made lots of friends.
G        C          Am       D
He could dance like nobody?s business;
G       C          Am               D
Folks around here, are sure missin? him.


FINISH: G - C - Am7 - G - G - C - Am - Am7 - C - Am7 - G
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