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INTRO: G5 - C5 - A5 - G5 - G5 - C5 - A5 - A5 - C5 - A5 - G5

G5       C5           A5    D5
Down on Main Street after sundown,
G5         C5            A5           D5
Good time Charlie, and    Wanderin' Bill
G5                  C5        A5           D5
Thought they might hold up, ol' Hoppy's Drive-In;
G5       C5        A5        D5
One got away and one never will.


C5              D5      G5           C5
And that's the way it goes around here;
(around here)
G5       D5         A5
I think everybody knows
(I guess everybody knows)
C5          D5                 G5           C5
That's the song they've been singin' for years
(and years)
G5          D5                 C5
That's the way the wild wind blows
(wild wind blows)

G5        C5     A5       D5
Too Tall Annie kept her money
G5    C5     A5        D5
In a Bible she never read.
G5          C5      A5           D5
They found Lefty, her first ex-husband
G5          C5                    A5                  D5
In his new pick-up truck at the bottom of the river bed.


BRIDGE: G5 - C5 - A5 - G5 - G5 - C5 - A5 - A5 - C5 - A5 - G5

G5      C5       A5             D5
Luther Martin, he ain?t got nobody,
G5            C5          A5       D5
But he sells papers and buys his wine.
G5              C5     A5              D5
His great-granddaddy   owned half of Main Street;

G5        C5     A5            D5
Luther?s daddy didn?t have a dime.


G5        C5      A5         D5
Ain?t no secret    Old Doc Skinner
G5         C5          A5           D5
Wrote prescriptions; made lots of friends.
G5        C5          A5       D5
He could dance like nobody?s business;
G5       C5          A5               D5
Folks around here, are sure missin? him.


FINISH: G5 - C5 - A5 - G5 - G5 - C5 - A5 - A5 - C5 - A5 - G5
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