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Im not going to tab out the chords but he does play slight variations throughout the song. Things like:
e --0---0---
B --1---3---
G --0---0---
D --2---2---
A --3---3---
E --x---x---      on the C  and the same 3 on the B string when you play E minor. 

You can also give your chords a different sound by playing them all with your 3rd and 4th finger on the third frets of the B and e strings like this:

e --3---3---
B --3---3---
G --0---0---
D --2---2---
A --3---2---
E --x---0---    on the C and Em but it works for the G and D as well.

This is it, I worked it out by ear and the chords are definitely right. He has a weird strumming style that goes all over the place so just do your own thing on that front. Enjoy :D   (When it gets to the 'born to roam bit, listen for the chord timings)

C    Em   C   Em
Yeah, Yeah
      Em                         C
Well I like this world, yeah I like this world
Well I like this world
Would i get out in the world
Pray I would [work]
      C                           Em
Like I would watch

Ghost and the rain
      C                  Em
Cold walk of freedom
      Em                      C
I'm walkin the hallway now
Yeah I'm walkin the hallway
I'm walkin the hallway
Said I'm walkin the hallway, and I'm walkin the hallway
Oh, walkin the hallway

I had power and glory
Thinking my day would surely come
When I would sing I'm smiling [of ages]
When I would know where I'm going to run
But I know where I will go
I will be gone somewhere, until 

      G                              C
If you'd see, if you'd see it through my mind
You would know, you'd know it
You'd know when my eyes roam
      Em                            C
Through the fog and hail, a scene amidst the snow
      Em                     C  
Know where, know where, know where

Know where, should know where

Shoulda known where, shoulda known where

Shoulda known better baby 
       Em     C        Em      Em       C      Em
Cause I like this world, and I like this world yeah

Some people were born to roam

C C C D C Em

Some people they roam this world alone
Em Em Em D Em   C

Some people were born to roam
C C C D C  Em

                                       C   Em
Some people roam this world alone
C   Em    C   Em
Louder, louder

Finish on 
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