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La cancion se parece mucho a cuando pasara:

Lady in love
are u sad today
  Am                      C+
come and stay with me over here                 
sorry sunlight jaded forever
dont like the sun in the summer 
C+                                       D+
no need from the waste land of the pain anymore
G+                  A/C+
my hands embrace the air
C+                  B7
every time i look at you
G+                                A/C+
one last chance that we can burn the morow
C+                      D+
one last chance before tomorow

(el verso q va ahora es todo el tiempo es G C )

el coro es:
G+     Am
G     Am
come on now junkie
Em C+   D+
i like to find the way to kill the pain from you...(tdo se rep igual)
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