• Song:

    You Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Robin Stjernberg

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G (320003@1)                  AmHey, (x02210@1)do you remember
                         EmHow (022000@1)we would stay up all night
                          GTalking (320003@1)about our destiny
                     AmAnd (x02210@1)i play the piano
                               EmAnd (022000@1)you would strum on your guitar
                GThose (320003@1)were the days
   G (320003@1)                                         
If only you could se me now
  AmI (x02210@1)live my dream
                EmI (022000@1)owe it all to you
            GI (320003@1)Owe it to you
         GIsnt (320003@1)it crazy
         AmIsnt (x02210@1)it crazy
                   EmIts (022000@1)all because of you
                   GIts (320003@1)all because of you

                   G (320003@1)       AmIts (x02210@1)all because of you
                   Em (022000@1)      GIts (320003@1)all because of you
            G (320003@1)                        AmI (x02210@1)know that if the sky would fall i survive it all
           Em (022000@1)    GBecause (320003@1)of you

G (320003@1)                AmI (x02210@1)reach for the horizon
                          EmWhenever (022000@1)I?ve got days of doubt
                GBringing (320003@1)me down
                     AmSo (x02210@1)even if disaster strikes
                             EmI (022000@1)close my eyes And then I?m next to you
                        G (320003@1) 
I?m right there with you
GIsn?t (320003@1)it crazy
          AmIsn?t (x02210@1)it crazy
                    EmIt?s (022000@1)all because of You
               GAll (320003@1)because of You

                     G (320003@1)    AmIt? (x02210@1)s all because of You
               Em (022000@1)    GAll (320003@1)because of You
            G (320003@1)                        AmI (x02210@1)know that if the sky would fall I?d survive it all
           Em (022000@1)    GBecuase (320003@1)of You
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