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    California Sad-eyed Girl

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Intro: A Dm7M

A                  Dm7M              A
 What do you think when you think of me?
(Do you? Do you?) Do you?
A         Dm7M            A
 What am I in your history?
       Dm7M  D          E                       F#m7           C#4(6)
  So unfair to throw such perfection at a face so full of future.
  D                 B                            E            D               E        A
Starlight in my eyes, (it was you) didn't realize it was you (All that I loved was you)

A                  Dm7M               A
 Where's it written? How was I to know?
Tell me. (Tell me). Tell me.
A                   Dm7M             A
 Should have never let the first love go.
You knew. You told me.
D               E
 New Year's Eve, we celebrated.
F#m7        C#4(6)
    With a toast you told this future.
  D                        B
Still, I see those eyes (see...), beautiful eyes.
D                           E
 How could I not have known?

               A  A7M(9)       Dm7M               D7M F#m7
You'll always be (I'll be) the summer in my winter world,
   Bm7         E7       F#m
my California sad-eyed girl.
A7M        A         A#?      D        E        A                   A7M(9)
(I need...)I need to know - Are we still in your mind? (in your mind?)
              A      A7M(9)   Dm7M                D7M      F#m7          B7
And come one day (one day), impossible as it may seem (may seen), I can dream ,
        A/C#         Cm6   Bm        D   E   A
at the end of this road somewhere, you wait for me.

A              Dm7M               A
 Saw the letter, saw the words he wrote to you.
(To you). To you. (To you) To you.
A                 Dm7M        A            Dm7M
 Knew the secrets only we could know, only you (only...)
D               E
 Pick-up trucks, San Bernardino,
F#m7                            C#4(6)            D
(with ea...)with each word such hope, such romance
Then he signed his name, my name.
(Where is that boy...)Where is that boy now?

Refr?o 2x:
A                       Dm7M                        A
 (You will be) You will be. (You will be) You will be. (You will be)
D        E       A
 You will always be.
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