• Song:

    Follow Me

  • Artist:

    Rocket Boys

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Follow me
      Em                             Bm
Baby, I won't let you leave if you believe in me
      C               Cm                 Em
And I always set you free from all those yesteryears
         C                 D
But you don't know how much
I got believe in you

G                                    Em
I was starting at your shoulder shivering
In such A coldest summer breeze
mean while I wonder why we're here
Am                        G        Em
Look for the line between love and friends
         Am                  D
we'll Be twisting ourselves again

      G                             Em
I was standing at the corner on the street
Watching the wheels are turning free
Waiting to Back up on My feet
Am                     G         Em
Reading a Line between Night and Day
        Am                    Cm
I'll be twisting Myself Again
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