• Song:

    Tara Im Terrible

  • Artist:

    Rocket Summer

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Intro: D5 G5

Verse 1:
   D5       G5    D5                         G5
We reminisce, thinking about the days we don't miss
         D5             G5        B5    G5
Hit the bottom when I fell, but oh well
    D5                   G5
And I could stay here stuck
D5                           G5
Thinking about the days of bad luck
     D5                G5
I'll get lost in your voice
         B5     G5
It's an easy choice

      B5              G5       
And something in your smile says
 D5                     G5
Everything's gonna be all right
        D5   G5      D5  G5
Wasn't always this easy
          D5    G5         B5  G5
It wasn't always like it was today
       D5    G5      D5  G5
Wasn't always this easy
           D5              G5
And I will hold onto this moment
     B5   G5          D5 [Into Intro]
This memory, so sweet

Verse 2:
     D5         G5 
What are your dreams?
D5                               G5
Tell me what they are, and I'll believe
   D5             G5
An angel without wings
       B5       G5
To the sweetest things
   D5                    G5
To hear the songs we've sung
D5                     G5
Listening to how far we've come
D5                           G5
Through secret storms we've sailed
    B5       G5
But today prevailed


    B5        G5            D5                 A5   Bb5
And Tara, I'm terrible for telling the whole world
                    B5       G5              A5      G5
About how you're so terribly tolerant of my crazy antics

* Bb5 can be replaced with E5 if its too difficult
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