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tab by: Johnrel Bilangdal

A                       E               F#m 
I remember the days, when you're here with me 
         D                   A                               Bm               E 
those laughters and tears we shared for years.. hmmm... 
A                        D              F#m 
mem`ries that we had, for so long its me and you, 
  D                     A           Bm                 E      F# 
now you've gone away, you left me all alone.. 
B      F#      G#m                               E                          B            C#m       F# 
Go on,         do what you want, but please dont leave me, you'll break my heart, 
       B                F#           G#m           B       E                       B 
hey what should I do,     babe i'm missin you, please don't disappear, 
                   C#m                        F# 
these are the words  you should hear... 
D                    A                     Bm            A        E 
time and time again I wish that you were here... 
                    A           E                   F#m           D       E 
I dont wanna lose you girl I need you back to me.. 
                    A           E      F#m                  D       E 
I dont wanna lose you baby, cant you see.. 
        A             E               F#m             D       E          D 
oh I need you youve been a part of me.. 
     A                      Bm          A        B  C#m   D 
I wish someday youll be back home, 
      A          Bm          A       B C#m 
coz I really miss you darling 
D                A          Bm       E 
please come home... 
solo:   A    E     F#m    D    A     Bm      E   (2x) 
I wish some day youll be back home 
coz I really missing you darling
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