G5                        C5  D5       G5        G5
(DR. SCOTT) From the day he was born,      he was trouble.
                 C5   D5                     G5  G5
He was the thorn       in his mutter's side
                   C5   D5            G5                                 E5
She tried in vain. (NARRATOR) But he never caused her nothing but shame.
         C5                        D5
(SCOTT)  He left home the day she died.

                          C5  D5        G5
>From the day she was gone      All he wanted
                       C5   D5                G5
was rock and roll, porn,    und a motor bike
                 C5         D5         G5                          E5
Shooting up junk. (NARRATOR) He was a low-down, cheap little punk.
        C5                     D5
(SCOTT) Taking everyone for a ride.


        G5                  C5
(ALL)   When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy
    D5                         G5 C5 G5
You knew he was a no good kid
When he threatened your life with a switch blade knife --
         D5                                                  G5
(FRANK)  What a guy. (JANET)  Makes you cry. (SCOTT)  Und I did.

            A5         D5            A5          D5
(COLUMBIA)  Everybody shoved him. I very nearly loved him.
       G5              G5         C5
I said,  "Hey, listen to me. Stay sane inside insanity."
       A5                                 D5
But he locked the door and threw away the key.

                                   C5  D5      G5                               C5
(SCOTT) But he must have been drawn     into something. Making him warn
D5                       G5
me in a note which reads   (ALL) What's it say?  What's it say?
                          C5  D5   G5                E5
(EDDIE) I'm out of my hed.     O, hurry or I may be dead.
     C5                            D5
They mustn't carry out their evil deeds.

(Repeat CHORUS twice; the second time the last line goes:)

                C5                       D5                  G5
(FRANK)  What a guy. (JANET)  Makes you cry. (SCOTT)  Und I did.
      F#5   G5
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