• Song:

    Light And The Sound

  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

  • Album:

    The Light and the Sound

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yeah i think this is sounds good and its easy but dont rag on me for trying to do this
i mean im just trying to help out so take it or leave it.-Leslie

tabbed by: Leslie Small



 G             A              D        G
are you gunna die with that music inside/ did you catch a twilight on your

 A       F#maj  G       A      D               G
way into work/ you can live anything you can think/ man im not lying to you 

 A               F#maj  G            A            F#maj         G           
and yeah thats a threat/i dont wanna have to bury you like this/somethings
        A          F#maj   G             A              F#maj
 gotta get your attention/ if i have to crack open your skull with my fist/
  G                                 A    D        G          D         G
 i'll let the light and the sound escape--listen now can you hear the sound 
D             G                 A   D           G          D         G
surrender and let the light come out dont be afraid let me hear your voice
D                               A
what you will live is what you make.

i pretty much does this through the next verse and so on its just a basic loop of
the same chords.You can probably figure it out on your own if it doesnt sound right.
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