• Song:

    Nights Disguise

  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

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                             Rocky Votolato - The Night's Disguise
From the album: Makers
Tabbed by: Bob Wood
Transcribed: DP
Email: gravyman15@hotmail.com
Tuning: down half step Eb-Ab-C#-F#-Bb-Eb

The F is a power chord

the rest is open chords except the walk down. I've seen rocky play this way

For the Intro just strum the Dm and pick the open A string, then strum the Dm, then pick 
open D string then strum the Dm, then pluck the A string etc...


Dm                            G
the clouds are holding up the dawn

Am                                            F
they're stilts or crutches I can't tell which one

Dm                             G
to keep the short days looking longer

Am                                             F
or to keep the sunlight from falling on broken legs

        E (let ring)
but the night's disguise is wearing thin


Am                             C
caught me looking through your eyes

Dm               G
no I'm not doing alright

            F                       E
I'm just as stupid and desperate as I've always been

Am                  C
all the uselessness I write

Dm                     G
just come at me with a knife

              F                E
come cut this sickness from my mind

        F                        Am
help me forget about a shattered lie

          F                     Dm
bleed my failure into something right

G               B   A   G   F#  E  (walk down w/ powerchords)
yeah yea........yea yea yea yea yea

thats about it...there is another verse and another chorus and stuff. You should be able 
figure it out. If you can't...i dunno. Put downt the guitar and play something else.

I've spoke to rocky and alot of the stuff he plays are all in open chord format except 
his new album makers. Im pretty sure on all his albums up to suicide med. he plays w/ all 
strings flat. So if your trying to tab out a song. Play open chords and tune your guitar down.

Thanks to bob wood to teach me this song. Its great! Thanks bud!
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