• Song:

    She Was Only In It For The Rain

  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

  • Album:


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She Was Only In It For The Rain by Rocky Votolato

Tuning - Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb - (half step down)

                 Bmin A  D  G
Chords Used- Eb  2    0  2  3
             Bb  3    2  3  3
             Gb  4    2  2  0
             Db  4    2  0  0
             Ab  2    0  0  2
             Eb  x    x  x  3

The Song!


   "She swore..."           "...only in it for the rain...."
          Bmin                       A                  Bmin
Eb -------2-2------------      ------0------------------2-2----------|
Bb -------3-3------------      ------2------------------3-3----------|
Gb -------4-4------------ X4   ------2------------------4-4----------|
Dg -------4-4-------0----      ------2------------------4-4------0---|
Ab --2-2--2-2---------0--      ------0-------------2-2--2-2--------0-|
Eb ------------2-2-------      ------x----------------------2-2------|

Pre Chorus

 D                                  G                           D
"Here's the first of many songs you wanted me to write just for you I hope

to god you like it..."

         Bmin            G
"It's as pretty as it is cruel..."

2nd Guitar in background during verse.

  PM________           PM________
Eb------------       Eb------------|
Bb--00000000--  and  Bb--00000000--|
Gb--44424442--       Gb--22242224--|
Db------------       Db------------|
Ab------------       Ab------------|
Eb------------       Eb------------|

k so thats basically it I think.

Questions? comments? hit me up on aim - Nathanularitis.
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