• Song:


  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

  • Album:

    True Devotion

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Tuning: EADGBE

Intro: F5 , C5


F5                                                  C5
Bottle rockets and smoke bombs lying dead on the sidewalk

F5                                                            C5     A5
Are black marks on the concrete now but they were beautiful last night

  G5              F5
A picture of our life

D5                       G5  
Can we make this what it was


A5            G5                   F5               
Everything is right, everything's wrong

D5             G5           C5
Sparklers only burn for so long


A5         E5       F5
I?m a pendulum that swings

A5         E5       F5
Trapped in the disappearing

             A5                    E5
Of a setting sun, the moonlight at dawn

  F5          G5            A5 G5   F5         G5
A book of matches burning in its own reflection
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