• Song:

    Without Eyes Still Seeing

  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

  • Album:

    Burning My Travels Clea...

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Am                 G
Everyday has a song 
D                     Am             C
Some get sung while others go unheard
Take a good look around
   D                          Am                G
It'll never be this way again so try to remember
Dylan, Drake, even Schwarzenbach
     Am                   C             G
How you became heroes I'll never forget
               D                   Am
It's not easy to look at your heart
      C                       G
Not many men know how and even fewer speak out 
  D               Am              C              G
So if you know exactly what the sunset looks like
  D          Em                 C
You'll be lucky if you don't loose your eyes 
  Am                G
"To Hell with that"
         D                      Am
She said "I'll look deep and hard
  C         G                  D         Am
It's what my God gave me these eyes for"
G               D             Am
I'll look just as hard as her
               C                         G
Hell even harder I'll join her as a miner
  D                 Am
Digging deep till I'm blind,
  C               G            D                Am
Without eyes still seeing but always singing out

C - G - D - Am - C - G
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