• Song:

    Your Darkest Eyes

  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

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Your Darkest Eyes
Rocky Votolato

Eb Tuning


  C             F                     C
That Smoke it moves just like sweet velvet, 
  F                                          C
It Lures me in til i'm drinkin to kill the pain.
  F                                           C    C/B      Am
I'm tryin to stick out of the fight but the liqour it won't let me
  D7                             G
The only thing its killin now is me.

Verse 2(Same as Verse 1): "Your darkest eyes and pail skin......" 


  F              C     E              F
No one else was ever, half this beautiful.
  C    C/B              Am                D7     G
No two hearts were ever half what ours is whole, whole
  F               C            E               F
Desprate like the rain on your midnight window sill
  C         C/B             Am                  D7           G          
She said "I Love You" and i know thats what you meant, hey i know thats 
what you meant

Play the Verse During Harmonica

Verse 3(Same as other verses): "There's a holy grail of simple life....."


Play Verse during harmonica.


C:   332010
C/B: x20010
F:   133211
Am:  002210
D7:  x00212
G:   320022
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