• Song:

    Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

  • Artist:

    Rod Stewart

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Tom: A5

    A5               F5
1. She sits alone, waiting for suggestions.
 A5                     F5
    He`s so nervous, avoiding all the questions.
     A5                      F5
    His lips are dry, her heart`s gently pounding.
      A5                   F5                    G5
    Don`t you just know exactly what they`re thinking.
A5                     C5
If you want my body, and you think I`m sexy,
 A5                       C5
come on, sugar, let me know.
A5                       C5
If you really need me, just reach out and touch me,
 A5                       C5    
come on, honey, tell me so.
    A5                F5
2. He`s acting shy, looking for an answer.
 A5                          F5
    Come on, honey, let`s spend the night together.
         A5                   F5
    Now hold on a minute, before we go much further.
     A5                 F5
    Give me a dime, so I can phone my mother.
 A5                           F5
    They catch a cab to his high-rise apartment.
        A5                     F5               G5
    At last he can tell her exactly what his heart meant.


          G5                      A5
    His heart`s beatin` like a drum ,
             G5                      A5
    cos at last he`s got this girl home.
     F5           D5               G5       
    Relax, baby, now we`re all alone.
    A5                     F5
3. They wake at down `cos all the birds are singin`.
A5                              F5
    Two total strangers, but that ain`t what they`re thinkin`.
     A5                       F5
    Outside it`s cold, it`s misty and it`s raining.
A5                         F5
    They got each other, neither one`s complainin`.
A5                                F5
    He says, I`m sorry, but I`m out of milk and coffee.
     A5                        F5               G5
    Never mind sugar, we can watch the early movie.

+ REFRAIN     + REFRAIN ......
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