• Song:

    Tom Trauberts Blues

  • Artist:

    Rod Stewart

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Waltzing Matilda - Rod Stewart

It?s not 100 percent correct; I did it in my way. But I think it?s
playable and it sounds good. You have to listen to the song and
figure it out for yourself, how you have to
play the chords. This keyis not the correct key; it?s played in
this key by Tom Waits

Intro: F/Gm/F/Bb/F/F/G/G7/C/C7
       Bb                     F
1.:    Wasted and wounded, it ain?t what the moon did
            Gm                  F     C   F
       I?ve got what I paid for now
       Bb                    F
       See you tomorrow, hey Frank, can I borrow
         G                    C
       A couple of bucks from you to go
       F                C  F        Gm       F
       Waltzing Matilda,   waltzing Matilda, you?ll go waltzing
         Gm         C
       Matilda with me

2.:    I?m an innocent victim of a blinded alley
       And I?m tired of all these soldiers here
       No one speaks english and everything?s broken
       And my strength is soaking away to go
       Waltzing Matilda,...

3.:    Now I?ve lost my St. Christopher
       Now that I?ve kissed her
       And the one-armed bandit knows
       And the maverick chinaman with the cold blooded signs
       And the girls down by the striptease shows go
       Waltzing Matilda,...

4.:    No, I don?t want your sympathy
       The fugitives say, that the streets aren?t for dreaming now
       Manslaughter dragnets and the ghosts that sell memories
       They want a piece of the action anyhow go
       Waltzing Matilda,...

5.:    And it?s a battered old suitcase
       To a hotel someplace
       And a wound that will never heal
       No primadonnas, the perfume is on
              Gm            C
       An old shirt that is stained
       C7   F     C   F
       With blood and whiskey
       And it?s good-night for the street-sweepers,
       The nightwatchmen, flame-keepers
           Gm          C  C7  F
       And goodnight matilda, too

Outro: Gm/F/Bb/Bb/F
       Gm          C  C7  F
       Goodnight Matilda, too
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