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Looking for You

Walk the streets until my heart hits the ground
There’s no relief whenever you’re not around
I hit the taverns where we both used to go
But it don’t help me when the nights moving slow 

        B                Ebm             C# 
And I’m looking for you, looking for you

I search the city for the girl I once knew
It’s such a pity there is no one like you
I’ve tried to see my way to forget your name
I turned to strangers but it’s still not the same

(Just looking for you) The heart of this town
(Looking for you) You’ll know we’re around
(Looking for you) The still of the night
(I’m looking for you) You’ll know we’re in sight

Instrumental verse

B                    Ebm
I can see you in the shadows
B                       Ebm
I can hear you when the wind blows
B             Ebm
If it’s all I ever do
B                         Ebm  C#
I’ll keep looking out for you

Exchanging glances from a sidewalk café
So many chances but you don’t look my way
I search the windows for this face I can’t find
Can’t seem to drive your memory out of my mind

Chorus +:
(Looking for you) The village below
(Looking for you) Where did you go?
(Looking for you) The east and west side
(Looking for you) Where did you hide

by: José Duarte
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