She Loves The Jerk

Bb 				     Cm	
Talking to death, crying on the telephone
The nights when he drinks at home
    F                          Bb    Cm  F
She has to whisper through her tears

Bb                                               Cm
Johnny, she says, could never do those things to me
But I could never make her see
F 			    G
She’s wasted such precious years
         Cm                           F          Bb
Well you married the wrong guy that’s all I ever say

Bb             G
He’s a no good so and so
Cm                                      F                   Eb        
But she’ll never let him go, though she knows it will never work

              Bb    Eb            Bb
She loves the jerk, she loves the jerk  

He was the guy always out on the make
I guess he has what it takes
To turn the head of pretty girls

She thought he might change, the worst of us can settle down
But he couldn’t stay out of town
Not even for this precious girl
So she lives with the lies and the bumps and the bruises

Bridge + Chorus

Eb            F              D                Gm
I hung up the phone and I pretend she’s in my arms
Eb              F                 Gm              F               G
What I wouldn’t give for just one bit of what she gives Mr. Johnny

Bridge + Chorus (up 1 measure) 

by: José Duarte
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