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Song title: I'm Back
Written by: Roger Whittaker
Album: My Land Is Kenya (A Musical Safari)
Chords transcribed by C. Nduru

Optional capo on 1st fret

Key: D

Speed 4/4

Verse 1:

           D           G              D               G
I crossed over every ocean and I've sailed the seven seas

          D                    G          D               A
and I've had the great good fortune to journey where I pleased

D                         G           D            G
I've flown my plane to places where others seldom fly

           D                G               D                  A
and I've sung my songs and made my friends and then said my goodbyes


    D          G        D             G
I'm back I'm  back I'm back where I belong

    D                  G             D                          A
I'm back with all the folks I knew, where the call of home is strong

       D                    G               D               G        
I can see the world has changed you, I can see it in your smile

D                            G            D                A      G
but you're really just the same my friend so I'd like to stay a while

Verse 2:

D                       G    D              G
I can talk about the eskimos in the arctic cold
D                         G             D            A
and i've seen the glory that was Rome seen history unfold

D                       G          D         G
i've seen the mighty Amazon and tigers in Bengal

D                      G                 D       A
i've flown the river Rhine where the lorrelais fall


Verse 3:

     D                   G             D        G
Now I've seen the many wonders in the good old USA

     D                        G                 D       A
and I've sung my songs in Nashville and made movies in L.A

       D                G            D            G
I've seen the rocky mountains and Boston in the fall

       D               G           D               A
and I met a million people I must say I love them all

Chorus x2
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