• Song:

    Barley And Grape Rag

  • Artist:

    Rory Gallagher

  • Album:

    A Blue Day for the Blue...

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C                    D7
i dont care if i get arrested 
      G                                        C     G C
cause tonight theyll need more than the ball & chain
C                     D7
i dont care just whos interested
G                                C    G C
cause im goin down town just the same
well im fellin alone
im fellin blue
F                       D7
i think i need a little beer or two
C                               D7
Be my friend tell me where that place is
G                                          C          
where the whiskey flows and the dices role till dawn
Em           A7
bright city lights 
Em            A7
make you feel alright
D7                               G
im right or wrong tommorow never comes
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