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  Bb            Gm              Eb
I picked up the phone, you were both on the line
     Bb            Gm    Eb
Your words to each other froze me in time
             F             Eb
A lifetime between us just burnt on the wires
   Gm          F             Eb
Dissolved in a dial tone, consumed in your fires
     Bb          Gm           Eb
Your footsteps beside me, the phone in my hand
        Gm    F       Eb
I can't move, I can't stand

Our faces in pieces, facades on the floor
The pretense between us for a moment destroyed
I don't want to go on with these words in my heart
But the ghost of your anger will tear us apart
How my little world just went up in smoke
I'm too young, I'm too old
Gm      F         Eb
One day soon I'll know
Gm      F         Eb
One day soon I'll just let it go

I run from the bedroom with legs paralyzed
I carve out my future part prophet, part blind
It's nobody's business, no one is to blame
We'll meet in the distance, new numbers new names
I've lifted the veil, I've walked through the fire
I'll move on, I'll go higher

by: José Duarte
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