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    He?s Got The Look

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This Is A special version of "The Look". With fun swedish lyrics!

He's Got The Look

P: Hej Rolf!
M: Grattis Rolf p? f?delsedagen!
P: Vi t?nkte spela en visa till dig f?r att du ?r s? snygg.
M: Ja, du ?r verkligen en go' man.
P: Den g?r s? h?r.

- -song-

Walking like a man,
Hitting MC Hammer, 
He's a business man.

Always been a winner, 
Taking all the money,
He's got the look. 

And baby's got his number
When he's spinning us around
Alvik is the colour
Annemarie is the groupie
Cause he's got the look

He's got the look
He's got the look
He's got the look
He's got the look

Fast du ?r femtio ?r du ?nd? en av oss
Men tro f?r den skull inte att du ?r v?r 'boss'
Det ?r du som l?rt oss sl?ss
K?re Rolf
K?re Rolf

He's got the look. Hhe's got the look. 
       C             G                 A
Roffe Nygren ?r hans v?rldsber?mda namn
         C              G                A  
Vi vill tacka f?r allt st?d fr?n denne man
      F   G           A          
Herregud vad han ?r grann

K?re Rolf
Ja m? han leva, ja m? han leva
Leva i hundrade ?r
(repeat 4 times)
Grattis Rolf! Grattis Rolf! Grattis din D?re!!

Muhamed Rach
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