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From: phillip@hgu.mrc.ac.uk
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 19:57:14 BST

	Hangman. By Roy Harper

	Transcription by Phil Lord

	Roy more or less plays the chords straight on this song. I tend
to play them with little riffs in between on the grounds that I dont
have Jimmy Page playing over the top.

	Last night I wasnt sleeping
	D               Am9
	I knew it was my last,
	I?d just been lying thinking,
	D               Am9
	reliving all my past,
	my familiy and friends have left,
	my children are all lost
	and now Im standing in the death cell
	as the times of sands fall fast

	my pour heart it is thumping
	D                 Am9
	my head is filled to flood
	to feel the rope around my neck
	and know its there for good
	I know that I am innocent
	but no ones understood
	and now Im standing on the gallows
	to be murdered in cold blood

	Am9     G      F    E
	We are creatures of darkness,
	killers of time
	creatures of darkness
	bodies in lime

	Oh hangman, oh hangman
	how sleepless is your bed
	I cant believe my own ears
	my heart is full of lead
	that you?d apply and get the job,
	of pulling off my head
	and leave me kicking in the darkness
	covering the walls with blood

	Oh hangman, oh hangman
	your working in the shade
	oh creatures of the jungle,
	whose message is displayed
	in graphic tones of blood revenge
	all down the civil blade
	and your the creppy little monkey
	who murders to be paid

	In about six minutes time
	Ill be thrown into the lime
	by the screws who dug my grave
	and never felt ashamed
	who threw me in still breathing
	and covered me in slime
	and put me on a map in the governers office
	a number with no name

	We are creatures of darkness....

	and true as I stand here
	Id wished to be untied.
	the repose lies clean at your throat
	that my death might somehow be justified
	theres no unconsecrated ground
	in my heart or in my mind
	I lived and died in a world full of snakes
	and Im buried in a vicious lie

	We are creatures of darkness

	Thats it....

	The chords are played mostly open with E shape barre chords for
the chorus, although you can play them open if you like.

	I havent worked out the little riff at the beginning of the
song, but its just a Amin thing. I seem to remember seeing him play
it at the 7th position, but Im sure theres other ways of doing it.

	Have fun

	Phil Lord
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