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Tuning: DADGAd
Capo on 2nd fret (sounding key E minor)
Dsus4add9: 000002
D5:        000200
G:         020020 
Csus2:     030030
Dm:        003200

There are at least 3 guitar parts in this song.
I wish I could seperate them and tab them but Roy's 
has defeated me... not for the first time!
The best I can do is give you the basic chord sequence.

Intro: Dsus4add9 
D5 G Csus2 G D5 <- play twice more

Verse sequence:
D5         G              Csus2 G         D5   
 Why throw  flowers on my grave  when I'm dead
         G                  Csus2 G       D5 
Why paint pictures with the blood  that I shed
   G       D5  G    D5    G        D5
Why try to copy any word of what I said
       G            Csus2  G    D5  
When I hated you all when I was living

 G            Csus2  G    D5     Dm
I hated myself when I was living
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