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    Roy Orbison

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The Actress  

   C    D   G
Oooo oooo ooo
Well, you should be an actress 
You play your part so well 
Your act is so believeable
That no one else can tell 

You say the lines but I see 
That you don't really love me 
You keep me around to be your faithful clown 
     G                           Bm
Till someone you can love comes along 
    C                 Am   
And you'll keep on pretending 
  C         D            G
Because the show must go on 

Yes, you should be an actress 
As lovely as you are 
The way you play on emotions 
You'd shame the brightest star 

You're acting all the time 
No, you're not really mine 
I'm just another scene in your "play acting" scheme 
No, you don't love me at all 
But when you walk away 
That's when the curtain will fall 

         Bm         F#m        C 
But I'll go all the way to the end of the play 
D                      G     G+ 
I'll be a part of your masquerade 
  C        D           G              Bm
Although I know it may be the saddest show
        C        D       G 
In the life of a fool on parade 

By: José Duarte
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