• Song:


  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

  • Album:

    The Big O: The Original...

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Intro:  Bb  Ab  Gm  F#

Oh sweet, sweet Belinda 
F                                   Bb
They say that you are looking for a home 
Gm             F
Fresh out of a love affair 
             Bb                  Eb
Fresh out of hope, fresh out of dreams 

Bb                             F         Bb
I know you're as strong as any human can be 
    Bb                           F            Bb
But you need love, why don't you take it from me? 
Bb                               F           Eb
I know I ain't much, but you can have me for free 

Oh sweet, sweet Belinda 
You don't owe me no gratitude or love 
We're just two souls stuck here 
Two lonely rivers filled with light 

Two lights shining on the darkness ahead 
Two feet touching in a cold winters bed 
I promised you safety, but I loved you instead 
  Bb    Ab  Gm  F#

Bb      Ab               Gm      
Oh-oh Belinda I'd die of loneliness 
       F#           Bb
If you ever left, Belinda  (repeat and fade)

by: José Duarte
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