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    Roy Orbison

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    The Legendary Roy Orbis...

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My lovely woman child, 
I found you out running wild with someone new. 
              Em        G                      D 
You've been untrue, and ev'rybody knows we're through. 

But I can't say goodbye to you 
no matter what you do. 
C              G
My heart won't let you go. 
           C                 D           G  
Although I know you go with someone new, I think of you. 

/G /A   /B  C            F 
I think of how you kiss, your tenderness. 
     D              G                        C     F 
With all of this, I miss the way you say goodnight. 

Bittersweet your kisses, 
when my heart still misses the way that things used to be. 
But I know you're strong for other arms you long for, 
                       C       Bb
and you can never come back to me 

Bb                      A            Bb 
Not just for yesterday, tonight or tomorrow. 
          Dm                   C       F   D  F  D
Ah, but forever, I'll hear you say goodnight, goodnight. 
G                A           D
Goodnight turned out to be a lie,
G           A            G D    
and I can't help it if I cry. 
    Em                    A			     D    F  D 	
Goodnight, my love, sleep tight, my love, goodnight. 

By: José Duarte
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