• Song:

    I Drove All Night

  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

  • Album:

    The Best Of The Box

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I had to escape
The city was sticky and cruel
Maybe I should have called you first
            Bb            Dm    
But I was dying to get to you
I was dreaming while I drove
     Bb                  C 
The long straight road ahead, uh-huh, yeah
Could taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide
       C                                    Bb     F
This fever for you was just burning me up inside

             Am  Bb         F 
I drove all night to get to you
Is that all right?
             Am   Bb             F
I drove all night, crept in your room
                    C                    Bb
Woke you from your sleep to make love to you
Is that all right? I drove all night

Repeat the same patterns for the other verse and choruses.
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