• Song:

    Ill Say Its My Fault

  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

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G        Bm       G         Bm 
Too many quarrels so now we breakup 
C              A              G
Now there's no chance to ever make up 
but when they ask me 

     G           Bm 
I'll say it's my fault. 
     C        D  
I'll take the blame
     G         D 
I'll say I was wild 
       C                D
when I should have been tame. 
     C                       Em
I'll say it's my fault. I'll give a good show. 
     C                     D             G 
I'll say I'm a needle that just wouldn't sew. 

Em                                    G                G6
Everyone will be wondering, all our friends will inquire
Em                           C               D
Which one did the blundering who put out the fire? 

So, I'll say it's my fault. 
I'll say there's no doubt 
then cry as I wonder why it didn't work out 

Everyone will be wondering,... 


By: Jos? Duarte
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