• Song:

    Indian Wedding

  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

  • Album:

    The Big O: The Original...

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C                                    G7         
There once was an Indian brave by the name of Yellow Hand 
He fell in love with the maiden known as White Sand.
They vowed their love would last forever more 
then came the day that they had waited for 

Yellow Hand brought her a golden feather 
White Sands said a prayer for good weather 
The ceremonial dance grew loud and strong 
Then Yellow Hand began their wedding song. 

C      G7       C 
Oooooooooh Oooh Ooooh 
F                        C
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh 
Tonight, tonight, we will be one. 
We?ll walk in the land of the midnight sun 
G7                                  C     D
Oh, White Sand, come hold my lonely hand. 

          D                              A7  
Then they left the warmth of the wedding fire, 
rode into the hills, climbing higher 
And suddenly the snow came swirling down 
they were lost, the trail could not be found. 

Biss w\ chords D A7 G D . 
     E                       B7
They never returned from paradise 
they went to their places in the skies. 
And the old ones still say when the snowflakes fly 
if you listen close, you will hear him cry. 

Biss w\ chords E B7 A E

by: Jos? Duarte
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