• Song:

    Medicine Man

  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

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I'll bring you the talon from an eagle 
A big black pearl from the sea
I'll bring one and twenty ponies 
          Abm                 Ebm
If you'll bring Wildflower to me 

F#           Ebm                       Abm               C#
Medicine Man make your magic mine, turn Wildflower to a clinging vine 
F#                     Ebm             Abm               C#       Ebm
Medicine man won't you please help me, don't leave me down in misery 
Rattle them bones, then roll them stones and make Wildflower mine 

I will bring you white buffalo 
I'll bring honey from the bee 
I'll keep fire-water flowing 
If you'll get the big chief to agree 

Medicine Man help me if you can, write a secret message in the sand 
Medicine man, please let her know, tell Wildflower that I love her so 
Take the breeze and shake the trees and make Wildflower mine 

Now she has no use for a white man 
Helpless and worthless like me 
Tell her father Big-Strong-Hand 
To let Wildflower comfort me 

Medicine man, medicine man let it be known throughout the land 
Medicine man, medicine man  I have to have the hand of Wildflower 
Take this piece of calico, make a dress with a pretty bow 
Tie it with a thread of lace, take it to your secret place 
Go into your sacred dance, say a prayer for our romance 
    B        C#     F#  Ebm   Abm  Ebm
And make Wildflower mine

by: Jos? Duarte
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