• Song:


  • Artist:

    Roy Orbison

  • Album:

    Cry Softly Lonely One

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D                                    Em
In a cold December, memories can melt your heart away 
A                                           D    
In a warm September, you can still remember yesterday 
            F#m                G
Even in the darkest night when dreams fade away 
D                           Em               D
When your love is gone, you'll never be alone in memories 

Am  Bm          G 
Memories, while walking through a winter snow, 
Em             A              A7
Memories, when summer breezes start to blow 
D                    Em                     D
When true love is far away it may be yours in memories 

Memories, while falling leaves just fill the air,
Memories, when springtime comes and love's not there 
Even when you cry, try not to say goodbye to memories 

Golden memories can turn the night into day, 
Teach your heart to smile and live each day a while in memories 

by: Jos? Duarte
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